Program Coordinators

AGOAC currently runs over 60 program sessions each week. For better communication, Program Coordinator is assigned to be the liaison between the Board and instructors/leads/monitors of one or more programs. These Program Coordinators are appointed by the Board, and their responsibilities are as follows:
  • Bridge between members and Board
  • Manage the group assigned
    • Appoint and train helpers
    • Schedule helpers for every session
    • Manage resource to ensure each session is well equipped for the program
    • Adhere to the assigned time for the program
  • Front line administration
    • Manage attendance records
      • All members must show their IDs or a valid receipt when attending Club activities.
    • Submit records to the Board when requested
  • Ensure program is carried out as approved by the Board
    • Suggestions such as rules changes, new programs, are welcome, but must be approved by the Board prior to implementation
  • Ensure fairness of member participation for the group(s) assigned
  • Memorandum of Understanding

CoordinatorProgramEmail Address

Angela Wong
Craft for

Assunta Lei
Foundations of Tai Chi In

Betty Kwong

Carmel Shum
Martial Arts &

Casey Chung
Chinese Health

Daisy Mok

Fui Chong
Shape and

Gilbert Tam

Iris Li
Chinese Square

Kirk McDonald

Louisa Lee
Rhythmic Music Movement

Michael Siu

Norman Kwok
Classical Guitar
Intl. Standard Latin

Paul Ho

Sammy Lam

Sanny Ng

Tammy Tang

Thomas Yee

To Hon Lam
Folk Song

Wai Moh
Chinese Culture

Yan Wong
MDE–Traditional TaiChi Yangs