Program Registration

Certain programs require members to register in order to join such programs.  These programs are marked in the schedule with a brief instruction under the Registration column.  Depending on the type of programs, the start and end date vary.  See Program Schedule for start and end dates of the programs.

Members must follow the instructions listed below to register for the respective programs.
Any registration submitted before the Registration Start, or after the Registration End, date and time, will be not be considered.

Confirmation of acceptance into a program will be announced about 1 week before Program Start date.

Click the Name of Program for more info.
Program Registration Method Registration Start Registration End
Badminton To Online Form2024-06-01 09:00On Going to Waitlist
Ballroom To Google FormOn Going to Waitlist
Chinese Calligraphy Google FormCLOSED
Chinese Culture Dance Google FormCLOSED
Chinese Health Dance To Google Form2023-09-02 09:00On Going to Waitlist
Chinese Painting Email To
Chinese Square Dance To Google Form2023-09-10 09:00On Going to Waitlist
Classical Guitar Foundation Email To
Erhu Email To
Filmmaking Smiling Seniors Production To Online Form2023-09-04 09:00On Going to Waitlist
Folk Song Ensemble Email To
Guitar Email To
Health Exercise To Google Form2024-03-23 00:00On Going to Waitlist
Intl. Standard Latin Dance To Google Form2024-02-21 21:00On Going to Waitlist
Karaoke Online FormCLOSED
Line Dance EmailCLOSED
Live Band Email To
Martial Arts & Wellness Email To
Multi-disciplined Exercise Email To
Outreach Email To
Pickleball Google FormCLOSEDOn Going to Waitlist
Rhythmic Music Movement To Google Form2024-03-18 00:00On Going to Waitlist
Shape and Tone To Google Form2023-09-04 21:00On Going to Waitlist
Tai Chi Online FormCLOSED
Wellness To Google Form2023-09-02 09:00On Going to Waitlist
Yoga To Google Form2023-09-06 09:00
Zumba Google FormCLOSEDOn Going to Waitlist