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Annual Pickleball Banquet 2024

Tai Chi Celebration 2024

Pickleball Tournament 2024

Tai Chi Demo at Markville Mall

AGOAC 10th Anniversary Gala

SIAFF Awards Ceremony 2024

Craft Group 2023 Sales Events

SIAFF 2024 Festival Films

SIAFF Screenings 2024

2024 Line Dance Spring Party

SIA Film Festival Trailer

Tai Chi-Craft Community Service

2024 CNY Celebration

Craft 2023 Cheque Presentation

Stop IT! 2023 Short Film

Line Dance X'mas Potluck 2023

Ballroom Party 2023

LineDance 2023 Gym Party

Chinese Calligraphy Gathering

Badminton Banquet 2023

Karaoke Party 2023

1st Annual Pickleball Banquet

Volunteer Appreciation 2023

Erhu Performances

Cantonese Opera Party 2023

Pickleball Tournament 2023

LineDance Summer Beach Party

Tai Chi 2023 Party

AGOAC at Seniors Got Talent

Stop IT! SilverCity Film Screening

AGOAC 2023 Gala

Stop IT! Cineplex Film Premiere

Stop IT! 2023 Official Trailer

Inauguration 2022

Craft Sale 2022 Video

Craft for Charity Sale 2022

Ballroom Party 2022

Karaoke & Line Dance Party 2022

Filmmaking in PreProduction

Seniors Online Programs

How To Zoom Meeting

Unmarking Spam

Seniors Online Announcement

Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Tai Chi - Community Services

Yoga with Katy

6th Annual Gala Dinner

Christmas Line Dance Party 2019

Craft Sale 2019

MSAA Press Conference

Ballroom Social Night

Celebrate Markham Line Dance

Cantonese Opera Celebration

Tai Chi Celebration 2019

Line Dance Party 2019-06-22

Ballroom Dancing Party

5th Annual Gala Dinner

Badminton T-shirt

Ballroom Welcome Party 2019

Line Dance Party 2018/12/7

Inauguration 2018

Craft Sale 2018-10-25

Line Dance Party 2018/9/1

Tai Chi Celebration 2018

Badminton Celebration 2018

4th Annual Gala Dinner

Filmmaking Documentary Trailer

Filmmaking Commercial 2018

Spring Festival 2018

Celebrate Markham 2017/9/3

Celebrate Markham 2017/9/2

Badminton Celebration 2017

Tai Chi Flash Mob 2017

Volunteer Appreciation 2017

Tai Chi Celebration 2017

Craft Group Yard Sale 2017

3rd Annual Gala Dinner

The Making of AGOAC Banner

Inauguration 2016

Craft Sale 2016 Photos

VRE 2016

2016 CNY Party Video

Crafter Circle of Love

2015 AGOAC Events